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Thecompany successfully held the “three types of personnel” continuing education training classJinhua area
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On October 11-12, "The main responsible person of the first-grade qualified highway construction enterprise and the continuing education training course for safety production management personnel (Jinhua area)" will be held on the third floor of the Relex Hotel, Jinhua City. The Rainbow Hall is held.

This training course was sent to the school by the Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Cadre School, and entrusted me to gossip to organize specific venues and training notices for trainers in various regions. There are 9 enterprises involved in continuing education and training in Jinhua District, namely Zhejiang Bagua Highway Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Zhengfang Traffic Construction Co., Ltd., Jinhua Dalu Traffic Safety Facilities Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Chengjun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Changda Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd. / Jinhua City Changda Transportation Technology Co., Ltd., Li Yue Group / Municipal Co., Ltd., Dongyang Shunfeng Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinshun Road and Bridge Construction Co., Ltd., Yiwu Hengfeng Road Bridge Co., Ltd., the total number of 185 people.
     The contents of this course are "Analysis of the Implementation of Enterprise Safety Production Responsibilities and Production Safety Accidents", "Analysis of the Causes of Typical Bridge Collapse Accidents and Accident Prevention Strategies at Home and Abroad" and "Construction Safety Standardization Management", all of which are well-known experts in Zhejiang Province. And the professor gave a lecture. The content of the lectures closely focuses on the characteristics of the industry, focusing on problems and solutions, and combining the industry accident cases to provide students with a deep warning education on their thinking and understanding. At the meeting, all projects were required to do safety risk assessment, hidden danger investigation and safety production emergency work. The feedback from the participants was greatly benefited.
    After two days of intensive training and assessment, the participants have further enhanced their safety production knowledge and management capabilities, improved the safety management team's business level, carried out safety management work in future construction and production, and strictly implemented the company's safety production responsibility. It has laid a solid foundation and effectively promoted the improvement of corporate safety management.
    So far, in October 2018, the three types of personnel continued their education and training and successfully concluded.